How We Curate Our Baby Teether Holder Sets

Always keeping hygiene in mind
Our teether holder sets are curated with lots of care in hygiene and love for babies. We made them not by barehands but with food grade quality gloves on. Before each and every teether holder set is packed for shipping, we will sanitise them by using baby-safe antibacterial wipes and let dry.

So many varieties, so many possibilities
We love to mix the beautiful colours of the silicone beads with the natural untreated beech wood beads and colourful crochet wooden beads for all of our holder sets, pairing with either silicone or wooden teether, covering different texture and colours to support the needs of a teething baby. 

Treatment of wooden teether toy
All of our beech wood teether toys are natural and untreated when arrived, so it's completely safe for babies. We take pride in our creation with hygiene and care for babies as priority. Each wooden teether toy are cleaned with antibacterial soap & water, thereafter we apply organic virgin coconut oil to moisturise and protect the wooden teether.

Coconut oil cleans and polishes any wood and has also antibacterial properties. Like olive oil, it is a vegetable oil, but one of the great things about it is that it has a long shelf life (2 years) because it is slow to oxidize due to a high content in saturated fat.

Taking care of wooden rings: So all of our wooden teether toys are finished with organic virgin coconut oil. No dyes, no pigments of any kind so it is non toxic and safe. You can repeat the process of disinfecting and moisturising with coconut oil after baby uses/soils them.

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