How it all began...

I'm blessed with three young and active boys - age 5, 3 and 1. My biggest inspiration was expecting my third son, Leo, in 2017, when I'd decided to pursue my interest in sewing and crafts all handmade for babies and little children.  

Using my sewing machine which I adore, I made my first pair of baby booties for Leo. The type that will stay on little feet, keeping them warm and cosy without the fuss of sliding out the feet and losing one side of the original pair. Happy with my booties when I put them on onto Leo's little feet after he was born, I wanted to spread this happiness and it leads to the birth of O Lil' Sunshine.

Our Mission

O Lil' Sunshine's mission is to create and stock handmade baby products which are also stylish and practical to who like us, only want the best for our little ones.

It is also about connecting children with beautiful natural materials.

Our products are ethically handmade by O Lil' Sunshine in Singapore and stocked products are handmade in Europe

O Lil' Sunshine is a small home-based studio based in Singapore. We design and make baby shoes and lifestyle products such as our teether sets. Our products are non toxic and all are ethically handmade using quality materials such as soft genuine leather and food quality beads - safe and comfortable for the little ones.

We also stock handmade designs by other makers and artisans. We are passionate about all quality handmade products for children, we value their passion, craftsmanship and originality.

O Lil' Sunshine cares for the growing families here in sunny Singapore by bringing to you handmade and unique baby products. We want to be the sunshine that brightens your day, to make every baby happy & comfortable and every parent smile.

With blessings,


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