Create Your Magical Clip ~ Customisation


Have your magical piece of teether/pacifier clip customised the way to yours and your baby's liking with us! It's a versatile accessory which many mummies and babies would love to have it. Create your unique piece today to match it with any of our teethers, or for your own pacifier, or simply to hold on to toys! It can be a lovely gift too for a mummy-to-be or mummies with babies!

Style it from a basic and single colour beads to a colourful one with special beads, the possibilities are infinite!


Important Notes When Selecting the Beads

  • Each customised clip is made up of ONLY 9 beads in total (including special beads).
  • Basic Beads: Select between 1 to 9 colours only. If more than 9 colours are chosen, the first 9 selected colours will be used. Indicate the number of beads you would like for each colour in the small box if you would like to repeat the colour. E.g, Select white, enter "5" in the small box if you would like 5 white beads in your clip. Default is 1. 
  • Special Beads: If any of the special beads is chosen, it should be counted as part of the 9 beads (inclusive). You may choose more than 1 type of the special beads, but allowed only maximum 1 bead each type except for Hexagon. Please be sure the total number of beads is 9 after adding up with the basic beads.
  • Preference in Colour Sequence: Indicate in the box the order sequence of the colours and special beads (if any) you would like for your clip if you have a preference. If nothing is specified, I will mix and create it for you the best way.
  • Preview Before Shipment: Select if you would like to preview the clip before shipment. By selecting this option, 1 more processing day may be required. 
  • If the total number of beads is more than 9 after checking out, you will be contacted for clarification to confirm which colours are wanted.
  • All sales are final after checking out. 


  • Silicone beads are 100% food grade material
  • BPA, PVC, Lead, Phthalates, Latex & Cadmium free
  • Use warm and mild soapy water to clean

Kindly note: 

  • Product to be used under adult's close supervision for below 3 years old
  • We try our best to show the colours of the product here as accurate as possible, but the actual product may appear slightly different due to the lighting and monitor settings.

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